We recently came across this article by office refurbishment specialists, Trevor Blake, and couldn’t help but strongly agree! The colour scheme in an office design really can go a long way in determining the function of a workspace and the feelings amongst clients and employees.

Companies such as Google are renowned for their pioneering workspace design and recent research conducted by them has found that there is a distinct link between colour and satisfaction within an individual’s work area. Following design trends and creating a vibrant space can also motivate employees by boosting their creativity and productivity – what more could you want?

Whilst Google’s ‘Crayola’ approach of bright and bold colours may not appeal to your company, we have a few schemes that might, and what the meaning behind each is.

If your office is full of energy and enthusiasm, then red can be an ideal colour to incorporate into your design to evoke strong emotions and intensity. It is also often associated with feelings of power and can often stimulate people to take risks.

Yellow is a colour often associated with optimism and hope, while also inspiring self-confidence among employees. It can be a perfect colour for those who wish create a ‘welcome’ area in their office as it can also promote a friendly nature.

A popular and suitable choice for admin/office areas is the colour blue. The colour varies in tones and the meanings behind each, with lighter shades being associated with calm and cleanliness, whereas stronger shades often being more mentally stimulating.

But of course we had to save the best till last – green! The colour green is a symbol of nature and health, but can also promote a cool and calm atmosphere. Companies that associate themselves with this colour typically look to represent themselves as visions of growth and tranquillity, making this a perfect addition to create a productive workspace.

While bold and contrasting colours make instant statements, some companies prefer to stick to simple and sophisticated palettes, incorporating greys, stone and charcoal colours. These tones are increasingly becoming an in-demand choice for offices looking to promote a professional corporate culture.

Whatever your choice, Green Team Interiors can provide the perfect planted additions to create a space that is perfect for your company’s culture. Contact us anytime on 01730 890111 or email enquiries@greenteaminteriors.com if you’d like to find out more.


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