9th July 2021
A View from the Marsh… 70s sitcom special

You will of course be aware that cultural references made in any workplace can often miss the mark, too contemporary and the, ahem, more mature team members raise an eyebrow, while any mention of any event pre 1990 is greeted with ‘Alright grandad… was it all fields round here when you were a lad?’

And so it was when the youthful team of Christmas elves created an outdoor garden and much to everyone’s delight, a pair of robins set up home.

Now, to those of a certain age ‘Robin’s Nest’ will forever be associated with Richard O’Sullivan, Tessa Wyatt and a one-armed washer-up called Albert Riddle, played by the brilliant and very funny David Kelly.  Of course, when we say ‘those of a certain age’, we mean Mark, our Managing Director.  For everyone else it was blank looks all round…. although we suspect that some people were just pretending to have never heard of it?

As you will see from the picture alongside this blog, the garden features a range of plants and decorative items. The skeletal hand, by the way, is a leftover from our office Halloween decorations and proved to be a hugely popular vantage point for Mr Robin to keep an eye on his family.  The eggs hatched and the small brood left the nest safely.  As for the garden, we will keep it in place for the next visitors, and we’ll keep on enjoying the mint tea that we make from the plants donated to us by a grateful customer.

This is just another sure sign that summer is well and truly upon us down here at Steep Marsh, we say it quite often but are so lucky to be able to work here, the place provides so much inspiration that we really can’t imagine being anywhere else.

And of course, with summer will come the fêtes, the village fairs and festivals, homemade produce, coconut shies, afternoon teas, long evenings, and wonderfully this summer we also have the Olympic Games, a celebration of youth and brilliance, there’s so much living to look forward to at this time of year.

Enjoy the summer, be kind, stay safe.

Lou & Becca pictured with the recycled planters wildlife garden they created outside GTI Xmas HQ

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