Green Team Interiors’ Founder and Managing Director, Ruth Neal, was recently interviewed by Decision Magazine, a business lifestyle magazine aimed at the management teams of medium to large companies in the South.

The article investigated the things that set independent companies apart from their larger competitors.

After reflecting on the successful journey of Green Team Interiors, Ruth highlights some of the values that were the foundations on which the company was built and which still hold true almost 15 years later. “There is a better way to build a business, by listening to people – staff, customers and suppliers …..  this is more likely to result in the delivery of excellent service.  We’re not big on rules but we’re big on ethics, so for example, we won’t impose budgets on maintenance teams. If a plant needs replacing it gets replaced as a part of our service.”

In addition to this, Ruth takes the opportunity to promote Green Team’s passion for and belief in the amazing benefits of plants in the workplace.

“Some studies by very august bodies suggest that plants in the workplace create a sense of well-being, which reduces absenteeism and increases productivity. Companies are becoming more aware of that and understand that having plants at work gives a message that they care about their staff.”