“One of those wonderful occasions when we realise just how much we love our job” – Els, Green Team Interiors.

Of course we love our work and why wouldn’t we? It’s a job that brings joy to many thousands of people every week as our plants and displays brighten up offices, entertainment venues, shopping centres, hotels and showrooms across the south east.

The installation of the correct type of plants for a location is of paramount importance, not only do we listen to the requirements and preferences of our clients, we also consider the site carefully too. The amount of light, volume of traffic, footfall and air quality are all taken into account before we supply a single plant.

Then it’s over to our maintenance team to keep everything in tip-top condition, these experts work tirelessly to make sure that every display looks its best and continues to flourish in its new environment.

The Aloe Vera is justifiably famed for its restorative and nutritional powers, indeed it was known as ‘the plant of immortality’ by the early Egyptians in the days before statements like that had to get past the Advertising Standards Authority!

What can be said though is that the Aloe Vera is a great plant for any office, not only is it robust and great looking, it can also help to clear the air of some of the chemicals associated with cleaning products.

And every now and again, if you are very lucky and the conditions are just right, it produces a spectacular flower…

We started with a quote from a plant lover so let’s finish with one

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – John Keats