Why Plants?

Plants make us all better.

There is no doubting the fact that people need plants, they help us to relax and breathe more easily, ease tension and improve air-quality, increase concentration levels and make us smile more.

Plants are perfect for any workplace and they look great too.

Reduce absenteeism by 25%

Healthy air = healthy employees, it makes complete sense. When it comes to employee satisfaction solid research shows that there is a reduction in absenteeism and an attendant drop in healthcare costs in workplaces that feature plants and plant displays.

Reduce air conditioning costs by up to 30%

Plants help to keep costs down by adding humidity to a room and releasing moisture into the air through a process called transpiration. This is when moisture evaporates from leaves, making warm places cooler, and cool places warmer.

Pretty clever stuff.

Plants reduce anxiety & stress by 50%

There is absolutely no doubt that plants have a positive effect on human beings, both physically and mentally. One of the most striking results of comprehensive independent research is the reduction in stress and anxiety that plants provide.

Plants make people happier.


We are a modest bunch here at Green Team Interiors and with typically British reserve, we don’t really like to ‘show off’.

However, the subject of biophilia is something of a speciality of ours, so much so that we are delighted to be working with a major university on perhaps the largest study ever undertaken in the UK.

Biophilia is based on the established understanding that all humans possess an inbuilt drive to make connections with nature and other forms of life. Certainly, there is no doubt that people perform better in the presence of plants and we have written a number of blogs on the subject.

One of the key aspects of the way we do business is our desire to make every working environment as happy, healthy and productive as possible, and one of the ways that we do this, is through the use of biophilic design and principles.

Plants make us up to 50% more creative

Living plant displays, as featured in our range, are known to improve concentration and boost creativity. Studies show that people perform mental tasks better when they are close to plants and that young, creative minds respond especially well to the presence of displays such as living walls.

Something to think about.

Plants reduce mould & bacteria by as much as 60%

As well as pumping clean oxygen into the air, plants will remove toxic chemical traces and turn them into food. Research clearly shows that formaldehyde, benzene and hexane levels all decrease in the presence of green plants.

Cleaner working environments, thanks to plants.

Plants can increase productivity by 15%

Debate continues about the actual percentage increase in productivity, but there is no doubt whatsoever that there is a discernible improvement. The most recent published research showed a significant increase, particularly in problem solving and innovative thinking with the 15% figure considered to be conservative.

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15% increase in productivity

with clear spaces and clear heads

Reduce anxiety & stress by 50%

with a positive work environment

50% rise in creativity

by cultivating inspirational spaces

Reduce air conditioning by 30%

with cleaner & clearer air

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