Modern office spaces may be energy efficient, and certainly look the part.  Unfortunately, lack of air flow and subsequent health risks can be an unwelcome side effect.

One way to improve the quality and flow of air into an enclosed space, is by investing in plants for your office.  All indoor plants are able to purify the air to some extent, although some are more beneficial than others.  Some studies show an improved air quality in as little as 24 hours!

We’ve picked our top five office plants which are easy to care for, whilst helping to purify the air, creating a cleaner and fresher environment for everyone. These plants look great too, adding character and a focal point in an otherwise plain office.


These plants stand out and create drama to bring vibrancy and personality to even the darkest of environments. An easy-to-care-for indoor plant, well known for eliminating toxins found in glues, leathers, carpets and other materials.  This makes the Philodendron particularly suitable for new office builds or offices that have recently been renovated.

Red-edged Dracaena

The red edges of this large indoor plant give a tropical feel, creating a fantastic focal point to any office space or reception area. We find interior designers enjoy using this plant in different formats and sizes to create a feeling of depth, making it flexible in how it can be arranged. It’s a great space saver too, as it can grow very tall whilst taking up minimal floor space.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe is a succulent plant well-known for its skin healing qualities.  It’s perfect for lighter, brighter offices, positioned in a sunny spot or near a window to enjoy it in all its beauty. It also has wonderful air conditioning properties which makes it ideal for creating an uplifting mood.  And as an added bonus, the gel from inside the leaves makes a great hand moisturiser, too.

Rubber Tree

Replace expensive air purifiers with a Rubber Tree plant. It’s great in well lit air-conditioned spaces as it enjoys indirect light and cool temperatures. It’s a tough, long-lasting plant, one of the best for improving indoor air quality thanks to its large leaves (which are able to absorb and break down airborne chemicals such as formaldehyde, a toxin found in some wood products such a desks and plastics and adhesives).

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a long-time favourite for indoor plant enthusiasts, perfect for an open plan office. Its adaptability to indoor spaces means it is a large, open plant which thrives with little or no natural light, creating a feeling of calm in even the most hard-working environments. It will droop when water is needed, so it’s easy to tell when to give it a drink.