Here at Green Team Interiors, we love to talk about how plants can have a positive impact on our mood. This bond between plants and humans, known as biophilia, has been tested by scientists many times and the results always show that having plants around you can make you happier, more productive and even improve stress and anxiety.

This year, a public experiment is set to be carried out at the Chelsea Flower Show and will attempt to find out which plants have the biggest impact on our mood. The experiment, which will use facial recognition technology, will have cameras to monitor body language and eye contact as well as facial expressions.

The project designer, David Domoney (who you might know from ITV’s Love Your Garden) hopes to find out which plants make people the happiest “Be it the sight of red roses on Valentine’s, a field of sunflowers or even the magic of a Christmas tree… We think there will be real differences between age groups and gender.”

We’re looking forward to hearing the results from the experiment and will be sure to bring them to light once they’re published. Make sure to watch this space.