As a city made famous by artificial islands and record-breaking architecture, Dubai is no stranger to redefining luxury. However, the city’s latest feat is set to be its most ambitious yet.

The Rosemont Hotel & Residences, created by ZAS Architects, will reflect the modern, innovative developments of Dubai with individual hotel and serviced apartment towers, set against the dynamic backdrop of the city’s ever-evolving skyline.


Design: ZAS Architects | Image credit: Plompmozes

The two towers are to sit atop a five floor “podium”, which is laced in yellow lighting and will house the development’s main attraction – a 75,000-square-foot open-air rainforest complete with canopies, waterfalls, streams, adventure trails and prehistoric Jurassic-inspired marsh. Steering away from traditional interior landscaping, the rainforest will also feature a sensory rain system to simulate the sensation of being surrounded by rainfall without actually getting wet, along with high levels of humidity created from stored recycled water.

The lush tropical rainforest concept aims to create an outdoor environment that can be enjoyed all-year-round, which certainly sounds to be worth a visit!

We look forward to seeing the finished result, with the hotel set to be completed by the end of 2018. In the meantime, you can take a peek at the stunning renderings below.

rainforest2-edit-v2 rainforest3-edit-v2

Design: ZAS Architects | Image credit: Plompmozes