We work with lots of facilities management companies and it is no exaggeration to say that theirs is a very difficult job.

It seems to us that in order to succeed as an FM you need the patience of a saint, the analytical prowess of a Bletchley Park code breaker, the diplomatic skills of a latter-day Kissinger, and please forgive us here, the tough hide of a rhinoceros.

The FM is the first call made when there is a ‘challenge’ (we can’t say problem) with anything from plumbing to IT, a small spillage to a complete power failure, a broken lift to…and this is an actual case, no paper in the printer!

So, what do we do to help these poor beleaguered souls?

Well, first of all we ‘do no harm’, we turn up on time every time, we respond quickly to calls and we handle everything that we say we will in a calm, professional manner.

But, and here’s the important part, we just do what we do. Green Team Interiors specialise in the installation and maintenance of plants and plant displays in the workplace.

That is all we do.

And we are really rather good at it.

Facilities Managers love us because we are uncomplicated, we do not try to be anything we are not and we are most certainly not ‘Jacks of all Trades’. Plants and plant maintenance is our business and Facilities Managers can rely on our service completely.

In a job where there’s a to-do-list for the to-do-list, Facilities Managers know that there is one box that can be ticked without hesitation, Green Team Interiors will look after the plants, no fuss, no trying to sell other services…just plants.

So here’s to Facilities Managers, unsung heroes one and all!