In less enlightened times than those we enjoy today, the idea that talking to plants could help them to grow was ridiculed. In fact those of us that are old enough will remember that Prince Charles was roundly mocked when he told the world that he talked to his plants.

Scientific research has of course subsequently proved conclusively that the highly educated and hugely experienced gardener and horticulturist HRH The Prince of Wales was right all along.

So much for the doubters!

Plant Music

The very same discussion is now taking place in respect of the benefits to humans of the ‘language of plants’ and more specifically, the music that plants emit.

More than 40 years ago researchers working in Italy began studies into plant communication and in doing so they developed a small device capable of reading the electromagnetic vibrations given off by all plants and ‘translate’ these vibrations into music.

The researchers knew that plants are sentient and that humans react positively in an environment where plants are present (please read our blog about Biophilia here). With this in mind, it seems to make perfect sense that listening to the sound of plants and trees will have a benefit to us all?

The Science Bit

Well, it is early days yet but studies have shown that listening to the music of plants increases the production of Oxytocin, the powerful hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain to influence social interaction and sexual reproduction.

The signs are positive that further research will provide us with empirical evidence of a link between Plant Music and wellbeing in humans.

Have a listen?

Whilst we are waiting for science to once again prove that nature was right all along you can enjoy the sound of Plant Music for yourself, a number of recordings with professional musicians ‘accompanying’ plants have been produced and streaming live from Los Angeles.

We would love to hear what you think of Plant Music, let us have your thoughts on this fascinating subject.