We usually buy flowers by their appealing appearance or vibrant colour.   For humans, our visual attractions compels us first, people do it when picking out clothing and even when buying a car.

The meanings of flowers and their colours have been implemented for thousands of years when giving them as gifts, professing love or even declaring war against a rival.

So the next time you buy flowers make them more special by choosing the correct flowers that are appropriate for the occasion.

Red Flowers:

Red flowers, especially red roses, have for thousands of years been known as the symbolic sign of Love and Passion.

It doesn’t matter what shade you pick, Scarlet, Ruby red, crimson or even the ever bright strawberry red, the meaning is still the same.

By just looking at Red the colour exudes and explains the passion, desire and its energy it portrays.


Orange Flowers:

Orange flowers, with their mixture of red and yellow, make us think of radiated warmth and vibrancies like the energy from the sun.

Unsurprisingly, its symbol stands for energy, warmth, cheerfulness and a passion for life. The colours range from Poppy, Pumpkin, Carrot and Tangerine.

So, for someone who is full of life or just needs cheering up, give them a brightly coloured bouquet of orange flowers.


Yellow Flowers:

There’s nothing like a bouquet of bright yellow flowers to brighten someone’s day; they just have that effect on people.

The yellow colour symbolises cheerfulness, enthusiasm, truth and clarity and are clearly associated with sunshine or rays of light.

The most common yellow flowers that we think of are daffodils, crocuses, tulips and sunflowers. Most of all, yellow flowers are warm and welcoming!


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