Like every business, here at Green Team Interiors we love a good testimonial, after all, who doesn’t like hearing people say lovely things about them?

In fact, and we hope that it does not sound boastful, we get plenty of love from our clients with businesses of all shapes and sizes getting in touch to let us know how happy they are with their plants, and our service, and we genuinely appreciate each and every one of these messages.

So what makes this testimonial so special we hear you ask?

Well first, because it did not come from a corporate client, but a private home owner, and second, it made us really think about our business.

You see, the testimonial in question came from a self-confessed ‘Happy Audiophile/Videophile’ in Chertsey following our installation of plants to not only transform a living room from ‘looking like a recording studio’ into a glorious space that not only looks great, but sounds fantastic.

That’s right, the plants are hugely effective for the absorption and diffusion of light and sound, the dream of just about any music fan and film buff, as our happy client put it, ‘We worked on a balance of acoustic panels and plants that is much better on the eye than before!’

And after reading these comments, and talking to our client we realised that we could help other people achieve the same effect and even benefit businesses where acoustics might be a challenge to effective communication.

Who knows, it might only be a matter of time before high street retail stores start recommending plants as an accessory for that new sound system or flat screen TV… on second thoughts, they had better leave that sort of advice to the experts.

If you would like more information about transforming a ‘man cave’, your lounge or a meeting room at work, please call or email for a chat… we’d love to hear from you.