Yes, it’s our favourite topic again, the benefits of plants. Recent research undertaken by Dr Craig Knight from the University of Exeter at the Chelsea Flower show, highlights the fact that office plants can assist in boosting working conditions by surprising amounts.

Visitors to the Chelsea Flower Show were challenged to take part in the study which measured their creativity, happiness and productivity as they experienced a range of different workspace designs enhanced with office plants. During the research, 350 participants took part in 90 different experiments, producing some very positive results.

  • Well-being increased by 47%

  • Creativity rose by 45%

  • Productivity grew by 38%





Dr Craig Knight said – “The results from the Chelsea Flower Show experiment indicate that plants, in a well designed and personalised office environment can boost business effectiveness through improved staff productivity and creativity. This gives company managers a real incentive to share control of office space with their staff and create meaningful, les didactic and more grown-up space.”

The key findings confront popular belief that plants are an unnecessary or even wasteful element of the business environment. Definitely news worth shouting about!