July 8th sees the start of this year’s National Plants at Work Week, and as always we will be getting involved in this annual celebration of all things green and wonderful.

Obviously, here at Green Team Interiors every week is plants at work week but for this very special 5 days in July we will be focusing entirely on highlighting the health benefits that plants so readily and generously provide.

Every day we will be posting hints and tips about plant maintenance, which plants work best in which locations, some facts and figures about the health giving properties of plants, an article or two about the science of plants and because we just can’t help ourselves…some pictures of beautiful arrangements, stunning floral displays and if you’re very lucky…a few images of our lovely team members at work!

Plants make perfect colleagues, they’re great listeners and rarely answer back, they breathe out what you breathe in, look beautiful, make you feel better and will never, ever leave the kitchen a mess or nick your sandwich from the fridge.

And remember, plants are for life, not just for National Plants at Work Week.