Earlier this month we spotted another great article highlighting the benefits of plants in the workplace.

The University of Queensland in Australia conducted a study, purportedly the first ever to look at the long-term effect plants in the workplace have on productivity.  Alex Haslam, the study’s co-author and psychology professor at the university, said “A green office communicates to employees that their employer cares about them and their welfare”.

The experiment focused on three working environments in the UK and the Netherlands. ‘Lean’ offices were updated with plants and over the course of two months perceptions of air quality, concentration and employees’ satisfaction levels were monitored. They found that an office space with plants can increase employee productivity by 15%.

Previously we have brought to light studies from Human Spaces, Exeter University, NASA and Texas A&M University. It seems everyone is catching onto the idea that plants in the workplace will benefit not only the employees but also the employers.

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