Work, lifestyle or simply bad weather makes us spend a lot of time indoors. Did you know that poor air quality and lack of fresh, breathable air can have a hugely negative effect on your mood and overall wellbeing?

Allergies are more likely to present themselves in an indoor environment where toxins can filter through the air, increasing symptoms of asthma, stress and anxiety. But there is one positive step you can take to improve air quality, morale and wellbeing, and that is through the power of plants! Just like going for a walk in the park, bringing the outside in by investing in greenery can have immediate health benefits, improving air quality by trapping pollutants to help us breathe more easily.

Here are Green Team Interiors’ top three plants for reducing stress and anxiety in the home or workplace.

Aloe Vera

Improve overall air quality with the super hero of plants : Aloe Vera. With so many health benefits including its powerful skin healing properties, Aloe Vera is a great all-rounder and thought to be one of the most powerful air purifiers in the world! It’s low maintenance and requires very little care, making it the perfect choice if you’re inexperienced in caring for plants.

Snake Plants

Sansevieria or snake plants are native to West Africa and have been proven by Nasa to positively impact energy levels, reduce headaches and breathing problems associated with asthma – a great addition as an office plant.


Not usually an indoor plant per se, but its sheer proximity can help reduce anxiety. Lavender flowers and oils are great for keeping feelings of stress at bay, which is why you often find it used to scent candles and room sprays. Lavender has also been linked to reducing blood pressure, heart rate and boosting your mood whilst reducing stress levels. It smells and looks beautiful too!

So if you’re unsure where to start, or need some advice in choosing which office plants would work best in your workplace, talk to Green Team Interiors today. We will work with you to understand what you want to achieve with your indoor plants, and recommend beautiful plants for your office to help improve your employees’ health and mood for years to come.