Men and women working in an office environment with plants on the desks.

But plants are really good for us.

Our website features a great many facts and figures about the health-promoting benefits of plants in the workplace, actually it’s packed with statistics, diagrams, graphs, articles and even a rather splendid info-graphic.

There has been a mountain of research, providing reams and reams of empirical evidence proving beyond doubt that plants make offices healthier, employees happier and more productive, they improve air quality and help to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, they can even reduce noise and make the place smell better.

So to paraphrase Monty Python, what have plants ever done for us?

They make us feel better, calmer and more content, help us to breathe, cut out noise, improve productivity and reduce sickness, save businesses money on heating and air-conditioning, help with recruitment, reduce dust and they smell nice…yes, but apart from that?

They look great.

So, we’re not sorry for saying it again, plants are beneficial to just about any workplace environment or public space and here at Green Team Interiors we can equip you with everything that you need to make your place of work happier, healthier and more cost-efficient.

We can’t say fairer than that.