As ever, we have been on the search for new research surrounding the benefits of plants. Our latest find on the Huffington Post suggests that office interiors interiors which have the essential features of our preferred natural settings help to support well-being and even improve performance. The research comes at a time where a new poll has revealed that British offices have been voted the coldest and ugliest in the world, on top of the fact that workers now spend an average of 43.6 hours each week in these cold and minimalist spaces.

Scandinavian countries are way ahead of the curve when it comes to pioneering office interiors, often dominating the rankings in World Happiness Reports, so what exactly is the secret?

Naturally enhanced working environments are popular in countries such as Norway and Sweden, where offices are filled with fresh plants and space-saving green living walls. Psychologically, these offices are not only much more inviting to visitors, but can also be indicative of good business health! Significant amounts of research have shown that plants can go a long way in increasing employee engagement and productivity, ultimately leading to a reduction in fatigue, anxiety and absenteeism.

office interiors - wall planter panels

At Green Team Interiors, we have a number of stunning live plant displays which can make the perfect addition to any office. Our Wall Planter Panels and Live Picture displays can masquerade as modern art installations, allowing business to save valuable space while instantly transforming the design of working environments. Meanwhile, our high-impact Carousel Collection office flowers are bold and beautifully unique, giving corporate areas that ‘wow’ factor.

office interiors - carousel collection   office interiors - carousel collection

Many businesses are now looking for new and innovative ways to deliver on impressions for both employees and visitors. ‘Stripped-down’ styles are quickly taking a back seat when it comes to interior design, so what better time than ever to personalise your office with the natural beauty of plants!

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