13th January 2023
A View from the Marsh

Reasons to be Cheerful!

Let’s be honest, for many people January is a rotten month. Post-festive blues are real, in fact we post a blog every year about Blue Monday, the weather doesn’t help and neither does the national news!

So what on earth do we have to be cheerful about?

Well, let’s look at the weather first. Billy Connolly famously said that ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just weather you’re badly dressed for’, and who are we to argue with Sir Billy, he is 100% correct.

Is there anything better than wrapping up warm and heading out for a stroll, ideally surrounded by nature, a pair of stout boots and layers of clothes (layers are important when it comes to staying warm). Now is the time to get out in the daylight, and of course the days are getting longer as we lead into spring.

Next, the news. It’s all too easy to get sucked into news stories, especially on social media, and yes, I appreciate the irony of talking about this in a blog that will be shared on social media. Commentators and journalists are paid to give opinions, and in order to get more viewers and clicks, these opinions often need to be extreme, we don’t have snow flurries anymore, we have blizzards that are bound to cause chaos!

Step away from social media… once you have finished reading this blog of course.

I should say right now that I am not making light of the genuine hardships that many people are experiencing, life can be tough and there are situations that a walk in the park will not fix.

But, for everyday fed-upness, there are things that we can do, and I like to look up, not down. Think of the thousands of selfless acts that happen all the time, the simple humanity of one person helping another, taking the time to check on a neighbour or donating skills and resources to organised charities.

As gardeners, we know that every season has its place. Spring is on the way and soon we will be seeing the evidence all around us here at Green Team Interiors HQ, in ‘leafy Hampshire’ (we have to call it leafy, it’s a local regulation). Berries will be ripening, shoots will be shooting, and birds will be… birding.

And finally, celebrate the little wins.

I recently read an article on the BBC website titled ‘Five things that may help you relax just by looking at them’.

Number one on their list was all about fractals, the repeating patterns that occur, often in nature that help human beings to clear their thoughts. We wrote and published a blog on this very subject almost two years ago!

The blog is called ‘Consider the Broccoli’.

Now, I am not saying that we are ‘better’ than the BBC, just that it’s taken them a while to catch up with us, and I am most certainly taking that as a win!

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