23rd November 2021
And The Winner Is…

Well, it’s us actually.

We did think about doing the terribly ‘British thing’ of self-deprecation and bashfulness, shyly and quietly acknowledging the fact that we ‘scooped’ two of the top prizes at the Plants at Work awards in September.

But then we thought, no, let’s raise the roof this time, because there are at least two really good reasons for doing a bit of self-congratulatory, good old fashioned crowing.

The first reason is to explain why we enter these awards, and why we think it’s a great idea for more businesses to do the same.

In completing the award application, it is necessary to take a really close, hard look at all of our processes, procedures and products. Be honest, how often do we get to consider on an almost forensic level, just about every aspect of the business? After all, we are busy getting on with supplying, designing, installing and selling, there’s more than enough to keep us occupied without actually ‘thinking’ about the business.

But it’s this self-examination element that’s so important, we are trying to impress a completely independent panel that we are fit to compete with some much larger companies than us, we need to offer a compelling argument for our point of difference and why we deserve consideration among such illustrious company.

If you own or manage a business, we urge you to enter awards, they really do get you thinking.

The second, and far more pleasing aspect of our success is that it gives us the opportunity to mention, and thank two of our clients.

We are naturally discrete about client properties, we would never even dream of mentioning company names or individuals without permission, but as one of our awards was for our work with The Richmond Fellowship and the other for a collaboration with the fabulous Artemis Interiors, one of the top design companies in the UK, we are more than happy to give both a name-check, with their blessing of course!

Ps. we just thought of another reason. It feels really good to win.

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