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Working with and alongside iconic brands, Verint is trusted to help build strong, long-lasting and worthwhile business relationships between companies and their customers. Part of a global organisation with more than 5,000 employees, Verint UK are based in Weybridge, Surrey.


Assessing the requirements of our customers is key to our business, and Verint had some very clear ideas about style and format.

The Company

Working with some of the world’s leading brands, Verint Systems UK is a global leader in customer engagement, using Automation, AI and Cloud technology, Verint keeps every type of business in touch with their customers, providing intelligent data, and allowing genuine insight into consumer habits and relationships.


Having worked with Verint at their old premises in Weybridge for many years, we had a good idea of their requirements for their new offices. The planting scheme in Weybridge was more corporate as was the trend at the time, but for their brand new HQ location in Woking, we were given a blank canvas to work with and chose a mixed variety of pottery style planters with planting which best suited the more relaxed décor.

The result is a clean, bright installation, offering subtlety and in places, and high impact displays in others. The customer trusted us to produce ‘something special’, and while a blank canvass can sometimes be somewhat daunting, we know the client well enough to successfully interpret their wishes.

This project is an example of a genuine collaboration between ourselves and our customer, their vision being delivered by us with a combination of design flair and pragmatism.

‘’Green Team Interiors has installed a great plant display at our new office in Woking, with a lovely selection of pots and plants. Employees have commented on how relaxed and calm the office feels when they come to site.”

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Verint UK

Verint UK

Working with and alongside iconic brands, Verint is trusted to help build strong, long-lasting and worthwhile ...

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