18th January 2022
Fifty Shades of Brown

Hooray for January

There is a temptation to dismiss the early months of the new year as dull, grey or even depressing. Christmas is behind us, for many it’s a return to work and then just when they are least welcome, the credit card bills arrive and hit us in the small of the back like the 10.18 to Waterloo.

Now, I am not saying that working among plants and with nature makes us immune to the January blues, but I firmly believe that we are at least given a slightly different perspective, it’s like being afforded a glimpse of a bigger picture.

Right now, Steep Marsh is looking rather bleak.

I can’t imagine it would sell as many, but if it was a book, it would be ’50 shades of Brown’ and there is no escaping the fact that rain, sleet, snow and hail are all taking their toll on the spirit and the landscape right now.

But, and here’s the bigger picture bit, we know that change is on the way, we can see it every day in the face of a crocus here or a newly built nest there, nature is making room for colour, new life, regeneration, warmer days and shorter nights.

But, (another one). Let’s not give up on January completely, there is so much wonder to be celebrated and while not immediately obvious, it’s there if we look. Let’s go back to the book idea and think of January as the first chapter of twelve, how are you starting your 2022 story?

It doesn’t have to be on an epic scale, some of the best books ever written are about tiny events, it’s your story so don’t be intimidated by grand resolutions.  If you want to make more time to read, watch TV, go for walks, cook, meditate more often or play Candy Crush, just go for it.  Not everyone has a new language to learn, a mountain to climb or an indulgence to give up.

Here’s a good one… why not use January as the perfect month to practice the art of politely saying no? After all, it’s your month, your time and your choice.  Or, you could be looking at life as a grand canvas. The last couple of years have changed us all in one way or another so perhaps you have embraced the ‘new normal’ , taken a big decision or two and you’re seeing January as the first step on a journey of discovery?

However you decide to write the first chapter of your 2022, may I wish you all the health and happiness that you require to fill every page with exactly the right amount of content… just remember, some books have blank pages, and that’s OK too.

Happy new year from the Marsh.

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