8th March 2022
International Women’s Day

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is Break the Bias, and here at Green Team Interiors we are delighted and proud to show our support.

Imagining a gender equal world really isn’t that difficult, perhaps the hardest part is thinking about why it doesn’t already exist?  Just think about it. Bias and discrimination based on gender are an actual part of the way that some people live. Right now. In 2022.

Diversity and difference should be celebrated – not discriminated against, and inclusivity has to be the norm. Of course, in so many ways we have come a long way but how wonderful would it be if International Women’s Day was just a celebration of women’s achievements with no need for a ‘theme’ that asks for equality?

Green Team Interiors is not a political business, but it is a business that believes in doing things the right way. Our website not only features details of ‘A Better Way’, which is our commitment to treating every person with respect.  It also tells proudly of how the company was created in 2000 thanks to the drive and vision of a remarkable woman.

We take responsibility as individuals for our thoughts and deeds, but as a team there are certain values that we share and among those that we hold as most important are respect and inclusivity. In remaining consistent, we attract team members and clients that share our way of working, and the more we show, the more we receive.

We are proud to support International Women’s Day, this day, this year, and every year.

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