19th July 2023
Moss walls, the craze that shows no sign of slowing down

When we first introduced moss walls to our range, the impact was immediate with demand far exceeding our initial targets, and with such a dramatic start, it was easy to see why some people thought the idea might be a bit of a ‘flash in the pan’, but boy, were they wrong!

It is easy to see why these striking displays continue to be so popular, offering a zero maintenance opportunity to make an immediate impact on visitors to just about any workplace or office setting.

As with every new product, we carefully researched the market before deciding on a supplier. It was vital to us that we worked with a company that shared our principles, and we were delighted to find Metiez, a well-established supplier based in Holland.

Working extensively in Europe and the United States, Metiez insist on the highest standards throughout their operation, not only using responsibly sourced moss but also the best preserving and production methods, delivering a product that is quite literally, seamless*.

*You will never see a seam, or a join between panels on a Metiez moss wall.

Thanks to our exclusive relationship with Hans and the team at Metiez, we are able to supply and fit Moss Walls, Room Dividers, Urban Jungle Walls and the fabulous Scandinavian design inspired Moss Circles, all with zero maintenance once installed.

Far from slowing down, the diversity and adaptability of responsibly farmed moss, means that we will be seeing a lot more of these stunning displays, often featuring corporate branding and even logo designs.

Moss walls are here to stay, and it is easy to see why.

  • Zero Maintenance
  • Striking, High Impact Displays
  • Unique Panels
  • Branding Opportunities
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Noise Reducing
  • Suitable for any Interior Wall

Please call us, or email for more details about how our Moss Walls and Moss Features can help to transform your workplace.

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