3rd November 2020
Plants at Work… Work

We recently received not one, but two national Plants@work awards for Design, Installation and Plant-care Excellence, it was actually our 26th award in 10 years… not that we’re bragging (well, not much).

It had us thinking about the types of workplaces and the range of displays that we design, install and care for so excellently. A long list of business types might not make particularly interesting reading so we thought we would highlight just a few of our services, and the people and places we serve.

Offices – A straightforward place to start, we are lucky enough to work in offices across the south east, our plant displays gracing some of the most iconic buildings in the area.

‘Traditional’ displays remain a constant but recently we have been supplying and maintaining an increasing number of Green Screens, displays specifically designed for separating work stations, public areas and walkways.

Car Showrooms – Aren’t cars pretty? That new car smell and all the bright colours, close your eyes and you are in the showroom. But what’s that in the seating area? Why, it’s a plant display, and there’s another in-between the customer service desk and the offices, and look, there are lots of plants in the windows.

Plants make any environment warmer, they add life and make people feel better, adding relief and helping the eyes to focus on what’s really important… that rather beautiful sporty little red number.

Hotels – From reception to spa, restaurant and bars to guest suites, nothing says welcome like a well-maintained, properly sited plant display. Statement arrangements or subtle designs, delicate enough to distract or robust enough to handle heavy traffic, plants work quietly in the background to make people feel at home.

The Waiting Room – Doctors, dentists, hospitals and clinics all benefit from the appropriate display of plants, people love living things because they help them to relax. We have written quite extensively on the subject of Biophilia, the scientific study of how and why plants are beneficial to physical and emotional wellbeing.

Much of this science was driven by NASA, a business that knows a thing or two about stress!

Home Offices – An increasing number of businesses, recognising the benefits of plants are providing their home workers with suitable displays. A well-placed plant can help separate working space from living space, an important factor in maintain a healthy Work:Life balance.

Facilities Managers – We work alongside a great many FMs and management companies, these professionals appreciate our rather single-minded business model. We only supply and maintain plants, we do not dilute our service with add-ons, we keep it simple, straightforward and reliable.

Plants make great workmates, they are quiet, good looking, help aid concentration, reduce stress, improve air quality, hide stains, reduce noise and best of all… stay quiet!

Quite simply, plants work at work.

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