3rd June 2020
Say Hello to Green Screens…

We all love a partition wall, somewhere to stick a Post-it note that will eventually flutter to the floor, destined to leave the office on the sole of a shoe, or perhaps it’s a photo taken on holiday that now has so many pins in it that it looks like Eric Bristow has been using it for darts practice?

We know that partition walls make perfectly functional dividers, but who needs simple division when you could have a beautiful Green Screen, just as effective at separating workspaces but so much more vibrant, more inclusive… more alive!

Our brand new range features display options for use in any size workplace, ideal for creating ‘safe spaces’ for people to work, or walk, or relax. We can even supply containers in corporate colours or how about different colours for individual parts of any room so that people can quickly identify walkways, shared areas, or private spaces?

We can work with you on creating traffic-flow systems and you can even have directional signs as an integral part of a display.

So, it’s a straight fight between in the beige/brown corner, the partition wall and in the vibrant green corner, let’s hear it for Green Screens!

Green Screens

Partition Walls

  • Somewhere to stick Post-it Notes

The choice is clear, well it’s green actually but you know what we mean.

For more details about the Green Screen Collection please call or email, you can see a digital version of the brochure here and visit our blog page here to see more evidence of why when it comes to workplaces, it makes sense to Go Green.

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